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In a competitive world that has been influenced by technology and globalization, St Bernadette embraces innovative developments in a more challenging educational system. Thus, we have opened the distance learning / online master degree programs in Nursing and Hospital Administration. This provides health care professionals with opportunities to enhance their knowledge and apply advance care and administrative concepts in a learning environment that is easily accessible and feasible especially among practicing health care workers locally and internationally.

In a busy working environment and schedule that usually requires them to work daily and during weekends here and abroad, health care workers don’t have enough time to continue furthering their education in the post-graduate level. Likewise, working adults with families are in dire need to have a program that can address their need for an excellent post-graduate program.

Students in this innovative learning set-up will receive quality post-graduate education and clinical experience to perfect their administrative and critical thinking skills, enrich their managerial and leadership knowledge and skills, right in the confines of their home, availability and convenience.

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