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What is Registration?

Registration is the formal process of becoming a member of the College, enabling you to download lectures, answer quizes and exams, receive grades and other facilities.  In order to attend a class at SBLC, a student must first register for the course.  Registration involves a series of steps that a student must follow to officially register for a course.

All programmes and courses offered have already been defined and approved by your faculty under the Online Curriculum module on this website.  


  • Application for Admission form is an acrobat files and can only be opened and filled up using Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • Registration forms must be filled up correctly and must be submitted to screening@sblc-edu.com
  • The admission faculty will take the screening process on the record you have provide with us.
  • The admitting student will be notified via email if he/she qualified to be enrolled.


  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing or Doctor of Medicine
  2. At least 1 year hospital or community experience as a professional (optional)


  1. Two (2 x 2) and 1 x 1 Colored Picture
  2. Official Transcript of Record with S.O.
  3. Honorable Dismissal
  4. Research Proposal (Optional)
  5. Recommendation Letter
  6. Certificate of Employment
  7. Result of Board Examination (2 photocopies)
  8. PRC license (2 photocopies)
  9. For transferee, certificate of transfer and other credentials registered by the Registrar’s Office



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